A Husky Story – Nightly Refining Kiehl’s Micro-Peel Concentrate

Client : Kiehl’s
Agency : Night Agency

Animation / Production Company: Feed Me Light

Production Manager / Producer : Denis Bodart
Directors: Marc & Denis Bouyer

Concept Design : Marc Bouyer
Storyboard : Max Loubaresse, Marc Bouyer, Denis Bouyer
Color Board: Anthony Vivien
Background Design : Sebastien Iglesias
Layout : Denis Bouyer
3D Modeling : Marc Bouyer, Denis Bouyer, Denis Bodart
3D Textures / Shading : Denis Bouyer, Olivier Pirard, Yohan Cohen
3D Rigging : Vincent E Sousa, Denis Bodart
3D Animation : Roland Edwards, Marylou Mao
Lighting / Rendering : Olivier Pirard, Denis Bouyer, Denis Bodart, Patrick Tomasini
VFX : Tolga Ari
Compositing : Denis Bouyer
Music: Aaron Mirman
Sound Design: Eggmen

Kiehl’s Trailers

Trailers: Denis Bodart
Trailers Music: Aaron Mirman
Trailers Sound Design : Julien Begault

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17 Heneage St
London E1 5LN


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