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adidas Originals
Not To Scale

Directed by Kristian Mercado

Producers: Katrina Lofaro, Meredith Engstrom
Coordinator: Vida Ventura
Line Producer: Isiah Brightly

Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Producer: Dustin Grant

Edit Visuals – Reuter @bigbabyreuter
Post Producer – Maggie Flatley
Asst Edit – Danny Weeks
Additional Edit – Britt Bellamy
Niceshoes Colorist Phil Choe

Deux Wave
Animation Director- Raymo Ventura
Animators- Jay Keeree, Ryan Putnam, Rozz Zimmerman
Animation Intern- Ariana Williams
Hand Model- Rozz Zimmerman

Visuals Trung Bao from Fustic. Studio

Sound Human


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