All Waves | Sami Fitz

All Waves is the final piece in a Triptych of music videos that WeCanMake has created for London based musician Sami Fitz.
The piece follows on from Wide Open Sky and Dead Birds. It felt fitting that we approached it like the previous animations. We wanted it to feel like it belonged to a collection but also to push the style adopted for the previous animations.
Our approach was to create multiple tests and experiments using found imagery and graphics. We then took our favourite results and edited them together to create a moving mosaic. The piece has a relationship to nature and communication and takes the viewer on a journey through abstracted seascapes, claustrophobic compositions, molecular and macro imagery ending on a more planetary sequence.
It’s been a pleasure to work on the three music videos for Sami and has allowed us to be free in the way we express ourselves.

All Waves is more of a promise/prayer than a song. I wrote it while walking around Brooklyn and I remember it came to me in one go – lyrics and melody. 

At the time, I was gathering the courage to move cities and felt like I was clinging to self-sabotaging habits and relationships. I guess in a lot of ways the song is about faith – faith in the self and the commitment to gracefully flow with what comes your way. 

The thing that fascinates me about waves is that they are always moving, always shifting, they meet the shore, they leave the shore, they touch everything they can with no particular rhythm or reason. I think a lot of people find the ocean comforting because of that.

The track is drone-based and the drums were created by two people playing and triggering an 80s soviet-era drum machine. The voice is reversed for the second half of the song – mainly because I felt that a promise to yourself should between you and the thought.

Animation: WeCanMake

Creative Director: Ben Collier-Marsh

Song: ‘All Waves’ by Sami Fitz

Music production: Shahzad Ismaily, Sami Fitz and Aaron Roche.

Mastering: Sarah Register


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