Copa America Identity 2016 – beinsports

I would love to share with you my new work which was done in beIN Media Group-Qatar
The identity is exclusive for Copa America 2016.
Most of the shots were done in Houdini and rendered in Vray(3dmax)
Also Some shots done in Cinema 4D from the 3d team Artist (Alex)
Team work:
Head Of graphic Department: Ahmed Fathy
Art Director : Beno
VFX & Similation : Ahmed Saady
Lighting,rendering & Enviroment Artist : Mohammed Sayed
Logo animation & Compositing : Sree Kumar
– My works in Details:
Shot01: Water Explosion ( Simulation, Lighting , rendering in Houdini )
Shot02: Water Explosion ( Simulation, Lighting , rendering in Houdini )
Shot03: All Element ( Simulation , rendering )
Shot04: ( All water and Fx Element )
Shot05/06/07: ( Water man Simulation )
Shot 13: ( Smoke Trail Simulation and render )
Shot14: (Ground Destruction , Dust Element , Grains , Extra Fx)
Shot17: (Water Man Simulation )
Shot18: (Water Man Simulation , Rock Man rbd Destruction , Splash Hit )
Shot19:(Trophy Water Simulation )
This production took 2 months with our in House production lap pc, also im proud to be part of the amazing team at beinsports .

Copy rights to beIN Media Group / beinSports channels

#Copa2016 #Copa_America #beinsports #bein

Any feedback are welcome
I will be happy to hear from you all.

Thank you


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