Hyderabad Design Week

The core theme for the video was ‘Humanising Design’, how design plays an integral role in our day to day lives and how it is constantly evolving around our lives. To make the visuals look contemporary and innovative we came up with an interesting concept where every experience looks distinct from each other.

Animation Credits
Director – Aditya Tawde
Creative Director – Harsh Sharma, Nandini Godara
Creative Producer – Aunnesha Sen
Script Writer – Nandini Godara
Illustrators – Joydeep Chowdhury, Pankaj Gole
2D Animation – Pratik Satam
Cel Animation – Mayukh Goswami
3D Artists – Harsh Sharma, Vaibhav Negi, Shanel Moraes
3D Model – Vijay Chaudhari , Sachin Raut
End Sequence Illustrators – Omkar Sawant, Aghil Prasannan, Shiyamek Dasgupta, Pankaj Gole, Adarsh Panicker
Origami Artist – Namrata Walanju (Crafic Art)
Editor – Akhtar Shaikh, Aditya Tawde
VO Artist – Prachi Mayekar
Music Composer – Naozad Patel
Assistant – Ashish Anand
Naozad’s Manager – Dilbar
Sound Engineer – (Redhorse Studio)
Sound Studio – Pulz Studio

Live Action Shoot
D.O.P – Tuhin Mukherjee
Gaffer – Nazemol
Hand Model – Shivani Mehta
Line Producer – Mohak Gadhok
Studio – G.S Studio
Lights – New Siddhi Vinayak Light
Camera – One Stop Cine Digital / Accord Equips


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