ODESZA “Line Of Sight” Making Of

A look inside the making of the music video for Odesza’s “Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)”.

“Line Of Sight” Music Video: http://odesza.co/line-of-sight-video

World Famous: http://worldfamousinc.com

Post Production Credits
• Alan Nay, President, Founder
• Casey Steele, Head of Production
• Nick Pezzillo, Editor
• Rogelio Salinas, VFX Creative Director
• Juan Arenas, Art Director and Pre-visualization
• Jacob Shroads, 2d/3d Animation and Compositor
• Jake Wegesin, 2d/3d Animation and Compositor
• Cody Cobb, 2d/3d Animation and Compositor
• Charlie Bartlett, 2d/3d Animation and Compositor
• Emma Frost, Jr. Designer/Animator
• Kalin Fields, Jr. 3d Animator
• Champ Ensminger, Assistant Editor
• Joel Voelker, Colorist
• Steiner Kierce, Producer

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