1:Nozinja – Tsekeleke Music Video


Working with Chris Saunders, Voltaire helped to create the visual style for the first international release for Nozinja on Warp Records.

Drawing inspiration from Nozinja’s earlier videos that were available on YouTube, Chris came up with the idea to combine the lo-fi, “home-made” feel that Nozinja’s videos had, with the high-tech digital video world. It was up to Voltaire to find a way to marry those two concepts in order to realise Chris’ vision for the video, as well as deliver something that Warp Records would be pleased with as part of their visual catalogue.

Part of the charm of Nozinja’s previous videos was his use of green-screen, and the rough manipulation of combined environments that harked back to bad (though cutting-edge) keying effects from the 80’s. Instead of setting up a flat green wall and making sure the lighting was exact, Chris had painted ordinary brick walls. The fact that the dancers were wearing green balaclavas (which we planned to key out later) with green elements in their clothing was to be part of the appeal. the “lo-fi” feel was thus taken care of.

The “high-tech” components came in with the cameras Trevor Calverly shot on, as well as off- and on-lining on Final Cut Pro X. Red Epic and Scarlet footage meant that there was far more information available in the post-production process to play with and manipulate. And FCP X’s ability to handle 5K Red Raw footage natively meant that there really was time available to “play” with the visual effects and comping, even if there were only a few days available.

In the end, we are pleased with how the video turned out, and are proud of our part in the introduction of “Shangaan Electro” to the world!

Directed By. Chris Saunders
Production Company. Ola Films
Producer. Olivia Leitch
Post Production. Voltaire
Edited by. Malcolm Che
Grade. Pudding




As part of BBC TWO’s 50th anniversay celebrations we had the distinct privilege of creating the ‘Horizon: The £10 Million Challenge’ trailer. We were asked to “make a momentus animation” by Red Bee Media who recently won PromaxBDA European Agency of the Year. Our 3D motion graphics and visual effects created one continual shot that transitions from space to a table top.

3:Man of steel


I worked on man of steel when I was at MPC.
The team was leaded by Ben Jones, and I worked with Viktor Fillo and Juan Francisco Correa Diaz.

I took over Juan’s work for the space ship, and Faora.
Most of the time Faora armour was “in the plate”, the task was to add the energised helmet and the removable collar. Except when she is flight/fighting, she is in full cg.

For the “sides guards” I started the work and Viktor Fillo finish this asset. They are full cg.

4:TEDxHongKong / School is Out


5:reverie(2011) – Kim dong-kyu


I expressed somewhat odd reverie which a girl eagered for but it was unattainable.

music is ‘reverie’ (Debussy)


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