I did look and shader development for the spot, and lighting, shading, rendering, pre-composiitng and some light TD work in Softimage ICE for elements in several shots.

2:Tiger Beer – Rise


VFX Supervisor – Gavin Kelly
Lead 3D – Simon Burke, Sam Boyd
3D – Nick Preston, Darren Cullis, Cormac Kelly
Compositing – Ant Walsham, Gavin Kelly

Agency – Rothco

Softimage 2012, Vray, Mental Ray, After Effects, Flame

3:Vision Express


Also check out the original that i like a lot too please: youtube.com/watch?v=oTMgp7I4Kl8

MAKING OF HERE : vimeo.com/87455433


Agency: Dare

Chief Creative Officer: Sean Thompson

Creatives: Jessica Morris & Chloe Pope

Head of Film & Content: Bradley Woodus

Account Director: Josh Harris

Director: Roman Rütten

Executive Producer: Michael Adamo,

Producer: Monica Domanska, Duncan Buxton & Davey Ahern

DOP: Tim Green / Ian Murray

Editor: Fieldtrip

Post production: Fieldtrip

3D artists: John-Paul Harney, Olly Nash, Tim Kilgour

Compositors: Johnny Still, Andy Bayliss, Alessio Bertotti

Colour Grade: MPC

ORIGINAL Audio Post Production: Tony at Wave Studios

SFX Studio: Artem

4:Midnight Moment: Eye Test





The AIGA/NY invited a select group of New York designers to submit videos for October’s Midnight Moment. Midnight Moment is the largest coordinated effort in history by the sign operators in Times Square to display synchronized, cutting-edge creative content on electronic billboards and newspaper kiosks throughout Times Square every night.

Of all the major muscles, the six that govern the movement of the eye are the most active and precise. Even when the body is at rest — even asleep! — the eye is in constant motion. So in honor of these most sportive of organs, Eye Test presents a visionary workout tape: An animation inspired by the abstract patterns and optical illusions utilized in eye exams, broadcast test patterns, color blindness tests and other objective measures of visual metrics.

Founded in 1994 by Michael Rock, Susan Sellers and Georgianna Stout, 2×4 is a global design consultancy headquartered in New York City with satellite studios in Beijing and Madrid. The focus of our work is brand strategy for cultural and commercial clients who value the power of design. We identify and clarify core institutional values and create innovative, experiential, participatory and visually-dynamic ways to engage key audiences worldwide. Our intellectual and creative conviction is that thoughtful design can make an essential contribution to every level of cultural discourse.


5:Amorteamo – TV Globo


Amorteamo title sequence.
The TV show tells a story of lovers that die and return to life to be together again. With the idea of life, love and death we find that the rose was a perfect object to be the main “character” in our animation. A rose can be used to celebrate love or as a farewell over the coffin of a beloved one.
All 3D animation simulating stop-motion technic.

Making of: vimeo.com/127345020
Lego “scaner”: vimeo.com/127345023
Interview: youtube.com/watch?v=ZAZwf8myqMs&feature=youtu.be

Production company – TV Globo comunicação
Creative Director – Sérgio Valente, Mariana Sá
Director – FlavioMac, Alexandre Romano
Art Director – Alexandre Romano, FlavioMac
Script – Flavio Mac, Fabricio Duque, Alexandre Tommasi, Monica Tommasi
Concept Moodboards – Koi Factory
3D modeling – Flavio Mac, Koi Factory, Gustavo Duval, Wanderson Andre
3D Animation – FlavioMac, Renan Moraes
3D Effects animation – FlavioMac, Felipe Lobo
3D Materials / Light – FlavioMac
Post production and grading – FlavioMac
Logo: Fabricio Duque
Production – Orlando Martins, Fernanda Deway
Account manager – Carla Sá, Suzana Prista, Fabienne Verbicaro

Copyright Tv Globo




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