1:Nike Vapor Untouchable II


When your shoe locks down to the ground like a magnet and the cloth is fastening around your foot like a chinese fingertrap – you’re problably in for an american football game with a pair of Nike Vapor Untouchable II. And we are in for a wild VFX ride combining live action footage with rendered footwear, closeup weave and exploding particles.


Nike Inc.

Animation Studio:

VFX Director / Editing:
Christian Tyroller

VFX Supervisor / TD / CD:
Manuel Casasola MerkleProducer:

Julian Fischer

Art Direction:
Ronny Schmidt
Santi Zoraidez

3D Artists:
Leo Akinbiyi
Joey Camacho
Matthias „Tisi“ Lein
Moritz Schwind
Matthias Zabiegly

VFX Artists:
Ben Watts
Fuat Yüksel

Modeling & Sculpting:
Lars Korb

Manuel Voss

Sylvia „Sylvi“ Rössler

Sound Design:
Michael Fakesch


2:Backgrounds for Space Dandy

All the screenshots copyrights are owned by studio Bones.



3:Morbidus for IdN / Animation


Devin together with Marc Teitler have created a colourful drama to celebrate the 100th issue of IdN magazine (idnworld.com/100/).

Morbidus is an inflatable thought about the weight of creativity on individuals.

Direction & Animation: Dvein (dvein.com)
Music & Sound Design: Marc Teitler (marcteitlermusic.com)



4:Better Farming Practices


We were recently invited by Dalhousie University to create a fun video that would share some simple ways in which Nova Scotia farmers could protect their farm biodiversity. To find out more about the project, visit farmbiodiversity.ca.

Client: Dalhouse University
Agency/Production: Wonderlust
Writer: Ryan Rumbolt
Director: Ryan Rumbolt
Illustration: Alex Kuvaldin
Animation: Andrew Embury
Sound Design: Humberto Corte
Producer: Simon Greenland-Smith


5:Slumdog Millionaire // Main on End Titles


Vibrant Bollywood-inspired titles for Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire
Rushes were asked to complete movie end title graphics.

Film title designer, Matt Curtis of AP Design, designed the end title sequence for Danny Boyle’s award-winning new feature “Slumdog Millionaire” and came to Rushes’ motion graphics designer Matt Lawrence to create them. The film, which won eight Oscars and picked up four Golden Globes, tells the story of impoverished Indian teen Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) who became a contestant on the Hindi version of “Who Wants to be A Millionaire?”.

A “poster world” of scenes from the film utilising footage, stills and textures were given a vibrant “Bollywood style” poster treatment using After Effects and were intercut with a lavish Bollywood dance routine using a train station as the stage.

Matt Lawrence comments, “This was such a great project to be involved in from start to finish. Not only did I get to work with the very talented and charming Matt Curtis but I was able to work on a Danny Boyle film and produce something I’m really proud of within a tight schedule and with the help of the amazing team at Rushes.”

Title Designer: Matt Curtis
Lead Title Animator: Matt Lawrence
Photoshop: Brad Le Riche
Rushes Producer: Lou Hussey



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